Our Story

About Anson Mills

United States Army officer, surveyor, inventor, and entrepreneur. Oh, and did we mention that he even both named and laid out the city of El Paso?
Yes, this officer and gentleman did it all.

Born the eldest of nine children to Quaker parents, he left farming life and entered West Point. He quickly rose up in the ranks and retired as a brigadier-general.But, that is just the beginning of his remarkable life.

After inventing an improved cartridge belt for the army that would solidify his fortune, he helped design and finance the construction of the Anson Mills Building in El Paso, the very building in which our restaurant is housed.

Indeed, it was a life worth living. And it is not lost on us that we have a lot to live up to. And, it is because of this responsibility we pour ourselves into each and every customer experience.

The officer and gentleman wouldn’t have had it any other way.

The Building

This gentleman, Anson Mills wanted to put his stamp on the El Paso landscape. And with the completion of The Anson Mills Building, he certainly has left a lasting impression. Built, remarkably, on the site of the 1832 Ponce de Léon ranch, the Building is adorned with ornamentation and cornice, reminiscent of the Chicago School work of the famed architect Louis Sullivan.

When it was completed, it stood as the highest building in El Paso. And while that is no longer true, we refuse to think otherwise.