Bistro Menu


Chicken Tortilla Soup   11

Homemade broth, market vegetables, avocado, tortilla strips, lime

Mussels and Fries   19

Dijon-infused chardonnay-butter sauce, mussels, topped with shoestring fries

Queso Fundido Skillet   12

Melted asadero, Muenster, cheddar, chili-berry jam, warm tortillas

Shishito Peppers  10

Stone-baked shishito peppers, lime juice, soy sauce, sesame seeds

Frito Pie  11

Traditional chili beans, Fritos, green chili, melted cheddar, sour cream, tomatoes, scallions

Crab Cake  17

Baked crab cake, poblano purée, kale, avocado

Fried Calamari  17

Hand-breaded, deep-fried, sweet Thai chili

Pork Belly Tacos  14

Seasoned pork belly, kimchi slaw, smoked mayo dressing, salsa verde


Our greens are always fresh and organically sourced

Chicken Bacon Chop Salad 16

Mixed greens, roasted chicken, cherry tomatoes, avocado, tortilla strips, bacon, black beans, roasted corn, red onions, Muenster, green onions, red peppers, pepitas, bbq-ranch dressing

A11 House  12

Field greens, candied walnuts, cranberries, goat cheese, apples, avocado, lemon vinaigrette

Kale Market   12

Kale, jícama, carrots, green onions, pumpkin seeds, pears, cider-soy vinaigrette

Add Ons:

Grilled chicken breast   7
Grilled ribeye   9
Gulf shrimp   9
Scottish salmon   9

Classic Caesar Salad   11

Homemade dressing, crispy sourdough croutons, Parmesan shavings

Southwest Wedge 13

Baby Iceberg, cherry tomatoes, bacon, corn, cotija cheese, onion shoestrings, jalapeño aioli. *Vegetarian option available


Tomato Mozzarella  13

Sun-dried tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, basil, Parmesan, tomato purée. Add pepperoni for $2

Tri-Meat   17

Pepperoni, beef, house bacon, tomato purée, asadero, cotija cheese

Veggies  14

Fresh mozzarella, market veggies, tomato purée, mushrooms, crispy kale

Mexican  14

Chorizo, asadero, jalapeño, roasted corn, red onion, poblano purée, cilantro


California Chicken Sandwich 16

Grilled chicken breast, pepper jack cheese, bacon, avocado, chipotle mayo, sourdough bread, steak fries

Lamb Pita  17

Harissa aioli, tzatziki sauce, crumbled feta, shaved red onion, mixed greens, steak fries

A11 Burger  17

Wagyu beef patty, pepper jack, fresh jalapeño slices, house bacon, lettuce, onion ring, tomato mayo, butter bun, steak fries

Clubhouse Sandwich  16

Smoked turkey, ham, white cheddar, bacon, lettuce, tomato, avocado, tomato chutney, white bread, steak fries

Pastrami Melt 16

Smoked pastrami, Muenster, sauerkraut, whole-grain mustard, Russian dressing, rye bread, steak fries

French Dip 17

Roasted prime rib, caramelized Vidalias, Gruyere, French bread, rosemary au jus, steak fries

Salmon Burger  17

Fresh salmon patty, avocado relish, balsamic spring mix, brioche bun, steak fries


A11 Meatloaf  18

Pan-seared, skin-on loaded mashed potatoes, smoked tomato gravy

Orecchiette  19

Homemade pasta, jalapeño sausage, sugar snap peas, leeks, sun-dried tomato, Parmesan shavings

Chicken & Mushrooms  18

Roasted chicken breast, linguini, wild mushroom cream sauce, fresh Parmesan

Spanish Chicken  19

Tomato risotto, corn, broccolini, Oaxacan-style homemade mole

Pappardelle  19

Homemade pasta, market vegetables, green chili, braised beef, veal demi, herbed ricotta

Braised Grass-Fed Lamb Shank  29

Mushroom lamb jus, creamy polenta, feta cheese, arugula, heirloom tomatoes

Ribeye 12 oz  35

Choice of steak fries, skin-on loaded mashed potatoes, or garden salad


Sautéed onions and baby mushrooms   5
Shrimp stued green chile   6


Baked Salmon Fillet   28

Scottish salmon, smoked chipotle glaze, grilled broccolini, mango salsa, couscous pilaf

Blackened Chilean Sea Bass  34

Creamy garden risotto, frisée, radish salad, lemon oil

Seafood Medley Linguine   27

Salmon, mussels, bay scallops, shrimp, linguini, corn, Fresno chile, creamy pesto

Shrimp Mac & Cheese  21

Cheddar, asadero, Parmesan, peas, jalapeño, panko bread crumb, cilantro


Tomato Mozzarella Pesto Press  13

Hoagie bun, fresh mozzarella, tomato, balsamic onions, homemade pesto, sweet potato fries

Forbidden Rice   12

Steamed black rice, corn, jalapeño, brussels sprouts, avocado cilantro cream

Polenta & Wild Mushrooms   16

Creamy-herbed polenta, sautéed mushrooms, cipollini onions, chili oil

Vegetarian Burger   16

Soy meat patty, pepper jack, fresh jalapeño slices, lettuce, onion ring, butter bun, steak fries


Asadero & Jalapeño Mac & Cheese   10

Sautéed Market Veggies   8

Chili Parm Grilled Asparagus  9

Sweet Potato Fries   7

Skin-on Creamed Yukon Gold Potatoes   8

Truffle Parmesan Fries   8


A11 Tiramisú   10

Coconut infused mascarpone cream, Ocean Organic® vodka, espresso-soaked ladyfingers, cocoa powder

Cast Iron Apple Cobbler   10

Warm spiced apples, oatmeal pecan crumb, coconut sorbet, sea salt caramel sauce

Crème Brûlée   9

Vanilla bean custard, caramel crust, fresh berries

Warm Chocolate Cake    10

Vanilla gelato, berries, ganache, caramel sauce

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